Announcing "Office Hours"! This is our version of a Career Consultation. At these appointments, you have a chance to receive guidance from us on any number of issues that may be plaguing you in your acting career. NOTE: We are happy to host these sessions through Zoom.

Perhaps you desire feedback on:

• Recent self-tapes (taped with us or elsewhere)

• Headshot/resume

• Demo Reel(s)

• Websites

• Classes and Workshops


• Agencies and Casting offices

• The Industry in general

• Where to go from here?

Just select a 40-min or 60-min appointment from the menu below and see what times are available. We don't offer 20-min appointments for this service. In your intake form, let us know what you're hoping to talk about, and if you prefer Brooke or Matt. You can also upload any materials or just bring with you.

Hoping for feedback

on your work?