Get Taped!

by Brooke & Matthew






Q) Do you offer coaching?

A) No. When we think of coaching, we imagine you and your coach sitting down with a fresh script, breaking it down, working out choices, etc. All of that before the camera ever rolls. We are a TAPING service, and thus we are here for you once you have worked on your audition to the point that it is ready to be recorded.

Q) Will you give feedback?

A) At our discretion. We feel that primarily a taping service should not offer feedback, but if we have insight into the casting director or the project itself, we will pass that along to arm you with as much information as possible.

Q) Do you take credit cards?

A) Yes, we use Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards. We do get charged a fee, so we prefer cash or check.

Q) Can I tape multiple auditions within my appointment?

A) YES! Use your time however you would like with no extra charge.

Q) How do you send the audition file(s)?

A) We use to send the files. You receive an email from us with a link to WeTransfer to download your files to your computer. NOTE: The link expires 7 days after we send, so please download your files immediately.

Q) Will you upload to Actors Access for me?

A) No, we can not offer that. If we are booked up, then we will be too busy editing/compressing other actors' auditions, and we can't have you hang around to access your AA account. Sorry about that.

Q) Can I bring my child with me?

A) Yes, as long as they are well-behaved. And if there are other actors in the waiting room, please be respectful to their preparation by not showing up early, and not lingering after your appointment. Kids can be cute, but this is a professional environment, and we want to preserve that as much as possible.

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